Introducing TIR100

The TIR 100-2 model is a compact hand-held analytical instrument, which employs a non-destructive technique that measures thermal emissivity within seconds.This device can be used on a variety of materials that range from low to high emissivity and from smooth to textured surfaces.

TIR measuring a foil

The TIR is manufactured in Germany.

The Advantages of The TIR100-2

  • Measurements done within seconds
  • Operations and results through an easy-to-use touch screen
  • High measuring precision and reproducibility
  • Measured samples remain at ambient temperature
  • Portable device than can be used on-site or in a laboratory

Extensive studies have been performed by leading Universities: PTB Berlin, LNE Paris, DTU, Aalto University for the EMIRIM project: http://projects.lne.eu/jrp-emirim/ and is published in following scientific paper: Download PDF

THE TIR100 technique is mentioned as the ‘TIR principle’ in the European Norm EN 16012