ImpactSentinel Compact

ImpactSentinel Compact

The ImpactSentinel COMPACT system is an easy and economical approach to monitor finite and temporary locations. It is exceptionally portable in its durable transporting suitcase, which is equipped with all essential components necessary to monitor fences/barriers. 

System Setup

The ImpactSentinel COMPACT system is a durable suitcase equipped with an integrated base station, antennas, power supply and up to 8 wireless sensors.

This setup is outfitted with optical (flashing lights) and acoustic (siren) modules for real time warning alerts on site

The ImpactSentinel COMPACT system operates with direct power supply or alternatively can be outfitted with either a solar panel or a Li-battery for remote operations (optional)


Sensors are outfitted and configured with a variety of triggers: pull-out-pin (force), tilt, acceleration and orientation

Each individual sensor has been quality tested to ensure robustness. They are also self-monitoring for HF-power, temperature and battery voltage.

All sensors are housed in a solid, compact aluminium cast which are sturdy and protects it from environmental factors. The sensors have a working temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. 

Users Interface

The user has the choice of receiving information via SMS, E-mail, IP-address or System webpage. Alternatively, an interactive APP is available for easy access and monitoring. 

The suitcase is also equipped with visual and sound warning aids 


The system is a durable suitcase equipped with an integrated base station, antennas, power supply.

Up to 8 Sensors with long-lasting lithium batteries with a life expectancy of around 5 years, depending on how many messages are sent (messages sent to end user can be adjusted according to needs).

Comprehensive Manual in English for installation and maintenance.

A two-year product warranty on all components.


Network coverage for suitcase (base station) 

Barrier/fence where sensors can be mounted on 

Adequate sunlight for solar panels (optional)